Practice Schedule

Regular Practice


Every Thursday

18:00 ~ 18:40      Chanting


18:50 ~ 20:30      30’ Sitting x 3 with kong-an interviews


20:30 ~ 21:00      Q & A Dharma Talk*


21:00 ~ 21:30      Second Thursday of the month includes community tea time

  • Anyone is welcome to join for the first time whether you have experience or are totally new to meditation.
  • Teaching and instructions are given in both English and Korean.
  • Newcomer’s orientation is given between 18:00 – 19:00. The Head Dharma Teacher will guide you.
    Please arrive no later than 19:00 for orientation if you are coming to the group for the first time.
  • For meditation sessions, please wear loose, comfortable clothes for sitting, with socks and sleeved top.
  • You may bring the clothes for sitting and change at the center.
  • Please turn off your mobile phone and devices when entering the Zen room.
  • You may bring your own water bottle. Water and drinks are provided at the center.
  • For walk-in visitors, the program is available for you to try out free of charge. Donations are welcome with gratitude.
    If you like the practice at the Kwan Um Seoul Zen Group, we recommend you register online or contact us and we can share more information on becoming a member.